Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita Alcohol Infusion Cocktail Kit

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Love tequila? SO DO WE! Cucumber and jalapeño are such a fantastic combination, we knew we had to add this flavor to our margarita collection. This is perfect for sipping on the rocks with sparkling water or making a chelada with Mexican beer and lime. The options are endless! Don’t forget to pair this with our Margarita or Spicy Cocktail Salts and Lime Garnishes. The trio is great for a Tequila Lovers gift basket or any cocktail gift basket! Each InBooze cocktail kit contains one large infusion tea style bag. You infuse 2 cups to an entire bottle of your favorite spirit for 3 days. You can infuse at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Once infused, remove the pouch and you can store your flavored alcohol for up to 6 months. It usually doesn’t last that long, though! The package lists all of the instructions on the back, including mixer suggestions and garnishes.