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The serendipity of their paths crossing at an exact time, in an exact place and within an exact frame of mind was the catalyst for the birth of A Fern and A Feather.

A Fern and A Feather General Store is infused with a rich history of blended backgrounds. It is the culmination of the vision of two women from different generations, different experiences, and different lifestyles. The serendipity of their paths crossing at an exact time, in an exact place and within an exact frame of mind was the catalyst for the birth of A Fern and A Feather.

Melodie was raised in the fifties in Ringgold, Ga. She spent a substantial part of her early years hanging out at her grandparents variety store. Upon graduating from Georgia Southern, she followed her career path as an interior designer. She landed in her hometown and opened Kudzu Interiors in 2007. It was in Ringgold that she and her husband raised their two boys and established their home.

Babs was raised in the East Brainerd suburb of Chattanooga, TN. She graduated from Ooltewah High School in 1999 and worked in a plethora of fields throughout her early years. She was pursuing a degree in Early Childhood when she discovered a passion for retail and small business. She subsequently opened five candy stores in Tennessee and Georgia. She and her husband are parents to two - a boy and a girl. Babs serves as a founding board member of a local nonprofit, LIFT Youth Center.

Melodie and Babs grew to be close through church affiliation, mutual friends, and small groups. They had been in a tight-knit small group for a couple of years when Melodie began feeling restless in her career. She asked Babs to help in reimagining the design of the showroom without realizing that Babs was about to rock her business world and alter the immediate trajectory of her life.

As she talked about her childhood, Melodie reminisced about her own childhood in her grandfather's store.

Considering the 2-decade age difference, Melodie was in a mindset to begin winding down, while Babs was contemplating what the next years for her might look like. During a casual conversation, Babs talked about her childhood dream of owning a general store. As a small child, her grandfather had built her a miniature, fully furnished general store - which is now displayed in the shop. As she talked about her childhood, Melodie reminisced about her own childhood in her grandfather's store.

Melodie and Babs resolved to open a shop of their own. The decision was made in October of 2019 and the Grand Opening was March 14, 2020. It was a whirlwind of lists, phone calls, markets, buying, remodeling, meetings, and conversations. The store had to be completely remodeled and restocked, and now offers carefully curated, hand selected general merchandise in a unique setting. The store offers many nostalgic “nods” and “winks” to the past while offering good goods that are current, timely, and diverse.

Choosing the name was probably the most challenging decision. Many texts went back and forth trying to blend an image that represented the two women. Melodie had a childhood nickname from her uncles. They called her Sweet Fern from a skit on the Porter Wagner Show. Babs is a founding board member of Lift (a local youth encouragement nonprofit). The logo for LIFT is a feather....

And there you have it: A Fern and A Feather General Store!

The two women have a mutual respect and appreciation for values of community, small town experiences, integrity, and exceptional customer service. They are exceedingly interested in serving the community and offering a place where everyone feels comfortable to shop.

Melodie Church
Babs Bell
Store Manager

Interior Design Services

Kudzu Interiors, LLC Melodie Church, Interior Designer

Who we are and who we are not: To begin with, the designers at Kudzu Interiors offer professional services and consultation for your home. We assume that since you have called and requested our services that you understand that design is our profession, not a hobby. All designers employed by Kudzu Interiors have completed a university degree in Interior Design. Our knowledge has been expanded and honed by experience and continuing education throughout the years. We welcome your input. Our fees are compensation for intellectual property. We desire to use our expertise, skills, and talents to incorporate your dreams and ideas for your home into a functional, safe, comfortable and beautiful home. We expect to spend as much time as possible getting to know you and how you live/use your home. It may feel, at times, that we are visiting. Rest assured that the information we are gathering during these informal meetings are not random. We are not decorators, although decorating is an important leg of design that helps you feel “at home”. Those two terms are not interchangeable and serve specific purposes in the process.

How to get started:

Once you request information, we email a client questionnaire, a copy of the contract and a description of our services. After reviewing the packet, we will set up a face to face meeting in your space. During our first meeting, we will want to listen to your ideas, look at any architectural drawings, blueprints, photos or files that you have collected. You will take us on a tour of your home and let us know what your project needs are.

What will our services cost?

Our contract is very simple and covers new construction and consultation. You will get a copy to review in your New Client Packet. At the signing of the contract, a contract fee is collected. This is non-refundable. This fee puts you in que with others on our waiting list. Taking clients in que insures that each client will receive the time and attention that he/she deserves and pays for. It also is the beginning of a client/designer relationship that is built on respect, trust and commitment. At the beginning of the project, hourly fees are charged and invoiced monthly.

Who is my designer?

Melodie Church is the senior creative and owner of Kudzu Interiors. Melodie has over 30 years experience. She will work to insure that your project is implemented by a team that is professional and trustworthy. Often, there will be a Junior Designer or assistant to accompany her. That designer will have completed formal college level education. He/she will be used for drafting, product research and some communication. We work in harmony with architects, general contractors and landscape designers, among others.

Do you offer remodeling/renovations?

Yes. While we are not contractors, we utilize our long-term relationships with quality contractors, craftsman, and artisans in our area. We can remodel a bathroom, update a kitchen, add a fireplace or even a room. We team with contractors that are fully vetted.

How will purchasing work?

Your completed design project includes a detailed budget. It is helpful if you have considered a budget before our first meeting. While we try to work within your budget, there are times when a perceived budget is not reasonable for the amount of work, materials, and labor. A preliminary look at the numbers you have in mind will save you money and us time, since developing an open ended concept will cost you unnecessary hourly charges.

After choosing product or material to order, we then create a proposal that details those items and prices. Once approved, we will order your selections and provide you with delivery time lines. All orders are considered special or custom orders and require 100% payment before orders are made. Most vendors do not take returns without a hefty re-stocking fee (if they accept returns, at all).


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